Send EqualityOnTrial to SCOTUS!

As marriage equality momentum ramps up, thirteen states still block same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court of the United States will be holding oral arguments on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 and the world will be watching.

EqualityOnTrial needs to be in that courtroom to bring you the level of coverage and analysis that you expect, but that will only happe if each of our readers chips in a few bucks. Make a tax-deductible donation to help reach our goal of $10,000, send to SCOTUS, AND keep us on the forefront of marriage equality through all of 2015.

$10 could be the breakfast we eat before heading to the courthouse. $50 could cover an airline's baggage charge. And $100 could cover a portion of our flight to get there. Any amount helps and every donor will gain access to an invitation-only, live, online chat with Jacob and Scottie after the hearings to explore the day's proceedings! 

Please chip in whatever you can!

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